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ORM Training Courses

Online Reputation Management

In an ideal world, Online Reputation Management (ORM) is an immensely important process of getting control over what will be reflected when a person searches for any specific name. A proper content and its proper management is what ORM revolves around.

In the detailed ORM Training courses, one will learn various aspects of this field.

  • Refining and preparing proper content as per the target brand/person
  • Finding suitable platforms and coverage areas to create & expand the popularity.
  • How to make a brand/person’s search ranking among top searched results.
  • To maintain genuine positive image and feedbacks for the client.
  • Learn to improve the ranking of web pages by quality content
  • Press release & articles
  • Learn to remove unwanted content & web pages from brand masters
  • Learn to proactively resolve issues and problem before it leads to criticism openly

After completion of the course, one will learn to use social media as a resource. To discover new social media reforms to build new plans & strategies.

Outline of the course

With unique strategy planning and unrivaled creative skills, Digital Skills valley has some of the great brains working around the clock the make your business grow manifolds.

overview of ORM

Creating a positive and inuential individual’s or brands image through online channels and maintaining the same in the long run.

Who need it ?

New companies or the startups trying to capture the market need to work on the reputation management. A good brand is the one on which customers can trust.

What we do ?

In Online Reputation Management we create Brand profile, Exploring and finding the best market. we have Fixing and overcoming the negative online reputation.

Refining and preparing

Understanding the target audience to plan a strategy for proper content as per the target brand/person and Creating positive image online.

Press release & articles

Press Release and articles is the most important part in Online Reputation Management. it helps we increase Brand awareness and repution of our profile with quality and informative content.

Remove unwanted Review

with the help of ORM we remove unwanted review from our client profile and brings new comments and review. we work for genuine Feedbacks and good review generation.