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SEM Training Courses

Search Engine Marketing

Do you know how various search engines find your website among millions of other? On what criteria do they rank your website? How can you promote your site for search engine ranking

Search Engine Marketing is paid marketing strategy to uplift the visibility of any website on search engines like Google, Bing & Safari. Our detailed course designed with a good emphasis on practically advertisement creation and launching on platforms

Here is the outline of the SEM Training courses –

  • Understanding search engine marketing
  • Strategic planning
  • Paid search understanding
  • Improving performance in search engine result pages (SERPs
  • Landing page optimization
  • To build digital content and advertisement content planning
  • Search engine optimization basics
  • Learn link building to establish website credibility etc

Including the above points, the complete course also includes expert guidance, detailed exploration of each topic, practical & doubt clearance.

Outline of the course

With unique strategy planning and unrivaled creative skills, Digital Skills valley has some of the great brains working around the clock the make your business grow manifolds.

Understanding search engine marketing

search engine marketing is Master the art of paid clicks on Google AdWords and learn to create campaign including search, video ads, shopping display.

Strategic planning

with holistic approach an effective strategy is necessary for search engine marketing. without Strategic planning we can't reach our targetive audience and results. it is compulsary for all SEM Projects.

we use SEM

Learn the fundamentals of social media marketing and expand your business by running advertisements on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr etc.

Improving performance in (SERPs)

Our PPC services involve targeted marketing to stand your brand out of the crowd. Ensuring high traffic and acquiring desired conversion rate to reach out to good customer base to achieve engagement on the site.

Landing page optimization

for search engine marketing we need a optimized landing page, it helps we can promote our landing page through search engine marketing and generate lead and customers.

Search engine marketing basics

When we use Search engine marketing for any project and website. Before we should search engine marketing basics bcoz it is necesary without SEM basics we can't get results by serch engine marketing. some basics like as : market research,keyword research,site structure,brand building,adjusting.